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Optimizing Your Angular Apps

March 5, 2022

Angular is huge, don't make it worse.

Visual Studio Database Projects for automatic database deployments

January 28, 2021

Working with multiple environments can make it hard to keep databases in sync with code. Use a database project to make it managable.

How to Add Themed Color Classes to Bootstrap

November 1, 2020

Bootstrap provides a ton of great utility classes for styling primary, danger, etc. but what if we want to support more themed colors? SASS to the rescue!

Automate away your dependency chores using GitHub Actions

May 17, 2020

Keeping dependencies up to date is critical to avoiding security vulnerabilities and keeping your codebase modern and maintainable. However, many modern applications and libraries are built on the shoulders of giants. Instead of manually keeping your dependencies up to date, delegate that task to GitHub Actions!

How to use custom MDX Fenced Code Blocks to supercharge your documentation

May 11, 2020

MDX lets us use React Components in Markdown files using next-generation tooling. Fenced Code Blocks have some unique extensibility points for exposing new functionality from our .mdx files.

Bundlephobia API hooks and components

May 11, 2020

Want to access npm package details in your app without setting up your own server and tracking? Easily use the bundlephobia API.

How to Launch Angular for Development from Visual Studio Projects

April 13, 2020

It can a bit tricky to configure Visual Studio .njsproj projects to work well with front-end applications for development. Wire up your <StartupFile> and <ScriptArguments> for guarenteed success.

How to Auto-Run T4 Templates in Visual Studio Builds

April 9, 2020

T4 templates can be used to auto-generate code, such as creating TypeScript types from C# class/enums. Remove the manual step by automatically running your templates as part of the build process.

How to Merge Two Git Repositories into a Monorepo (without losing history)

April 8, 2020

Monorepos are all the rage. If you already have two git repositories but want to switch to a monorepo without losing history, look no further.

Configuring VSCode for Prettier

April 5, 2020

VSCode has great support for prettier. Learn how to configure it to maximize using pretter across your company's projects and teams.

Intro to Prettier code formatter

April 5, 2020

Use prettier to focus on the code and not on the formatting.